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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i just go game by game. >> the panda never worries. pablo sandoval relaxed and ready posing for pictures on the streets of kansas city earlier today ahead of the game that will decide the 2014 world series. good afternoon, everybody. we are ready for a game seven. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. it is do or die time for the san francisco giants. take a look at a live picture from sky 7 hd of civic center plaza where fans are beginning to gather to watch tonight's world series decisive game seven on the jumbotron. first pitch just over an hour from now. >> couple giants fans could not wait to get out there. they had their chairs set up in front of the big screen before
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sunrise. true die-hards. not far away, crews were busy setting up a stage in front of city hall in case there's a victory parade which would be on friday. they also set up what looked like hospitality tents. >> of course, all the real action is at kauffman stadium in kansas city, where abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann and wayne freedman are. wayne, we begin with you. >> reporter: we were both on the field a few moments ago. we both looked at each other and said this is special. >> reporter: you're going to go first? >> reporter: i'm going first. >> reporter: i want to go first. >> reporter: you can't go first. >> reporter: you do have seniority. go ahead. >> reporter: age before beauty. to appreciate a game seven, you need to follow a team from 162 games. you start in the spring, follow them for the season, then to the post season, then to the world series and you realize it all comes down to one, just one game. the one game that counts. the giants, this was the morning after, it's the morning of, this is the evening if. we went for a walk in downtown kansas city today and guess who
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we ran into? pablo sandoval. everyone in san francisco is worried after the game last night. >> don't worry about it. i just go game by game, especially this time, the world series. >> reporter: he awoke in a city that has literally taken to gushing blue. one on the verge or the brink just like san francisco. yet as the giants and their fans stroll through downtown kansas city today, nothing but pride and respect from star-struck locals. >> i saw sandoval. what a day to get your teeth cleaned. and i got the popcorn and hotdogs out of my teeth from last night. >> reporter: game seven just an hour away now. so sweet, so dramatic, so much waiting, just like for any other game this season. here's giants general manager, who stopped to share a few moments with us during his morning walk. >> yesterday, you would have said you didn't want a seventh game.
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at the beginning of the season you would have said you did. where are you now? >> well, i think that's the way you have to look at it. there is only two parties that know what's going to happen tonight, that's the good lord and the baseball gods. the script's already been written. unfortunately for both parties, we got to play the game, see how it turns out. >> reporter: that's the fun part, isn't it. we all get to watch. we all get to participate, whether at home or here at the stadium or downtown civic center plaza. this is history, ladies and gentlemen. you don't get a game seven very often. smell the roses, smell the grass, smell the dirt, enjoy every moment of it. back to the studio. live in kansas city, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> hope we smell the win. thank you, wayne. last night's loss hasn't slowed the spending by giants' fans. popup stores continue to get lots of people looking to buy team merchandise, even in lafayette which is in the middle of oakland a's country. players' shirts and the we own october tees continue to be big sellers. if the giants win, this vend
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orsaovendor says he will stick around with plenty of world championship merchandise. >> the giants will be playing in their 179th game of the year, the regular season, playoff games, world series games. the season ends with 39-year-old tim hudson. this is the opportunity of a lifetime, making the most important start in his 16 year major league career. >> unfortunately, history is not on the giants side. abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann is with the team in kansas city and tweeted another stat giants fans will hate. nine straight home teams have won game seven dating back to 1979. let's go back and check in with shu at kauffman stadium. >> reporter: don't blame me. that's just a baseball stat. as larry mentioned, 179 games, the nlds, nlcs and now as wayne mentioned, we are down to one game. now it's like a super bowl. let's show you the giants
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warming up. they were loose. bruce bochy saying i would rather lose 10-0 in game six than 1-0. i was talking with his bench coach. not one of these players has ever been in a game seven of a world series so it's new to everybody. the coaches have been, back in 2002 but boy, you can sense the anticipation, the feel. hunter pence was talking to each and every player telling them to enjoy the moment and we talked last night with hunter about game seven. >> it's a beautiful opportunity for everyone, it's going to be exciting for all baseball fans, exciting for all the players that are involved, the coaches. we all worked really hard to win four games in the world series. that's how you get crowned the champion and to get here. it's a wonderful opportunity. >> this whole run has been absolutely amazing. this is one group of guys that from day one, we willed ourselves to be here and we believe in each other and you
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know, we are not going down easy. that's for sure. >> i'm ready. i have my routine, i have been doing all year, ready to go. >> reporter: what a dream that would be for you to be in your first world series and maybe be the guy that could clinch it. >> it would be awesome. something that you as a kid in the backyard, having those scenarios played out in the backyard when you're playing with your friends. >> reporter: unbelievable. tim hudson, 39 years old, gets to maybe close it out for the giants. of course, madison bumgarner will be the first guy off the bench on the mound if timmy struggles and i'm telling you, it is so exciting here. i feel like i'm playing in a super bowl again. we will hear more from the players coming up at 5:00. until then, mike shumann here at kauffman stadium. back to ama and larry. >> thank you, shu. you can follow shu and wayne on twitter and facebook. you can see their information on the screen. they are noticing all sorts of things in kansas city. check it out. >> obviously the home team is
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really favored. you have to hope tim hudson can channel his inner barry zito from 2011, do the unthinkable where he goes out and beats the cardinals in a do or die game, then beats the unstoppable justin verlander in the world series and amazing stuff can happen. that's why we love watching these games. >> we can't wait for tonight. >> that's amazing. that's it. >> we expect amazing but let's be honest, we don't know how things are going to turn out. we do know that it's going to be chilly when game seven gets under way. spencer christian is here with an accuweather update. >> it is going to be chilly as i'm sure people already are shaking for other reasons. they will be shivering because of the weather. let's give you a look at conditions tonight. very similar to last night. skies will be mainly clear and it will be rather chilly with a temperature of 52 degrees at the start of the game, dropping into the 40s. i don't think the weather is the biggest thing on the giants' mind. they will be out there to play baseball regardless of what it feels like as they roam the
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outfield. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies in the bay area with a few wispy high clouds. 77 degrees in san francisco. it is mild, warm in the bay area. 74 in oakland. 77, san carlo. 77 in half moon bay. look at the golden gate. blue sky, 82 degrees right now at santa rosa. 78, napa. 80 to 81 at petaluma, fairfield, concord, livermore. one more view from the east bay hills, the first forecast mostly clear this evening, becoming partly cloudy overnight. increasing clouds tomorrow ahead of rain on halloween. we might have a parade on halloween as well. we are hoping for it. larry and ama? >> i like the scary halloween voice there. thank you. former a's player jose canseco back home in las vegas recovering after shooting off one of his fingers. police called the shooting accidental. this happened while canseco was
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reportedly cleaning his gun inside his kitchen yesterday afternoon. canseco's fiancee told the las vegas tv station he forgot there was a bullet inside the gun. very jose. surgeons operated on canseco's hand last night. canseco, you recall, hit 462 homers during a career spanning from 1985 to 2001 and since then has had a lot of off the field issues. up in flames. that's what happened to science experiments produced by local students when a rocket exploded on liftoff in virginia. >> seventh graders from oakland's urban promise academy came up with the idea of seeing if red worms could help create compost using food waste collected on the international space station. their school won a contest that sent experiments into space and the kids watched while yesterday's failed launch went off on live video. >> big bright flame, then it went up but then it exploded. when i saw that, i was in shock.
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>> i have been so proud of the way our students have responded to the situation and how they have really persevered through everything. >> nasa officials searched today for clues into exactly why that rocket exploded. the $200 million project is a total loss. the rocket also carried supplies for astronauts on the international space station. thousands of homes were heavily damaged in the napa earthquake and homeowners have been waiting for over two months now hoping to get some help from the government. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee live from napa this afternoon. that help is finally arriving. >> reporter: that's right, larry. you can ask anyone in napa whose property was damaged during the quake, whose insurance company says they won't pay or they will only pay some of it. they are wondering where's the federal government and why aren't they around? well, they finally came. there they are. fema and the small business administration setting up their stuff at these booths. >> can i pick up a physical
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package? >> reporter: heidi came to the quake assistance center to find out what fema can do for her and her mother. walter invited us to her home the day after the quake. the foundation of the house had shifted, the cones at the top were way off. inside the fireplace had fallen on to her living room. there was damage all over. it's been more than two months since the quake. >> we have toilets that are upright. i have water that runs. it's great. >> reporter: her mother's house is a 1909 victorian. the walls were cracked and the plaster was falling apart. but the worst damage, the quake moved the house. >> her house is off the foundation so it's a real structural challenge. >> reporter: she and many others who came here today are hoping fema will help them financially. >> we can help provide rental assistance or some home repair, and then they will also be referred to the small business administration to determine their eligibility for low interest loan. >> our interest rates are really low at 2.063% for homeowners and
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renters. >> reporter: in mid-september a disaster declaration by president obama made federal assistance available for governmental agencies, but not for individuals. that needed another federal declaration, which came yesterday. city officials say they worked hard to get it. >> lot of extra tours with the fema staff and oes staff in order to view the damage. the question that was asked the most was where's fema. >> reporter: this was the missing piece. fema and sba tables at the quake assistance center. today was a soft opening but news got around quickly among napa residents. they went online to register. among them, mary jane bowker whose home had $60,000 in damages. >> it's stucco and lots of cracks and basically the two-story chimney that we lost. >> reporter: fema says it will be fully operational here tomorrow. vic lee, abc 7 news. it's been two years since super storm sandy struck the east coast. now the red cross is coming under fire for exactly how it
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handled that disaster. a new report from the investigative journalism nonprofit pro publica and npr says the red cross put public relations above helping victims. it says during sandy, emergency vehicles were actually taken away from relief workers and assigned to serve as backdrops for news conferences. the report also highlights excessive waste of food. the red cross says it stands behind its work during a disaster. an el dorad oman is lucky to be alive after a black bear charged at him. >> when his dog nudged him he thought the dog needed to go to the bathroom. then he opened the door and came face to face with a 350 pound male black bear eating from the garbage can. without warning, the bear just rushed right at him. >> tried to kick the door closed with this leg. it swiped my leg right here. i was able to slam the door shut in its face. its face hit right here. >> he says his leg is fine but he is worried because the bear returned the next day.
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he reported it to game wardens and says from now on, he will make sure all the trash is locked safely in the garage. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, celebrating san jose's newest school, one parents fought hard to get open in their neighborhood. also, call it a digital backlash. the concern some experts are raising about the use of ebooks and tablets when it comes to teaching kids to read. new at 4:30, san francisco's fire chief trying to win back the support that she's lost but it does not seem to be going very well. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he will answer them here live a little bit later. you can contact him at finney abc 7 and on twitter.
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hundreds gathered in san jose today to celebrate the opening of a new charter school. it's the ninth rocket ship charter school in the city. abc 7 news reporter matt keller shows us what sets this school apart from the others. >> reporter: these kids may not realize it, but they won the lottery. they don't get any money. they are just among 465 students chosen to attend the latest rocket ship charter school in east san jose. the prep school is to eliminate the achievement gap in an area primarily serving low income students. >> from my personal experience, i see that it's not just a high quality education but motivational and they also encourage the students to do the best they can. >> reporter: today was the official ribbon cutting
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ceremony. the site of the school was formerly an old post office building on south jackson avenue. the system boasts of many accomplishments including major advancements for students in reading and math. the students have two teachers, one for humanities and the other for math and science. they also work in the learning lab where they are simultaneously doing classwork and being assessed. all of this is to help accomplish the main goal, make going to college a reality. something that's obvious by the decorations on campus and the encouragement in the classrooms. >> had a panel with our parents, get them to understand how hard it is, how expensive it is and what it requires for you to attend college. >> reporter: are you going to go to college? >> yeah. >> reporter: where are you going to go to college? >> stanford. >> reporter: why stanford? >> because it's fun there. >> reporter: in its first year t school will teach students from transitional kindergarten to fourth grade. next year they will expand to fifth grade. matt keller, abc 7 news.
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electronic books are more popular than ever and that means more parents are turning to digital readers for story time but experts say that may not be a good thing. the importance of story time is the one-on-one interaction between a parent and child, and child development experts worry that story time is now becoming more like play time. they say ebooks with interactive games are actually preventing kids from focusing and learning from the stories. >> we need to have socially interactive moments with young children if we are going to build those conversations and help in early literacy. >> christian definitely comprehends less of the story when we do read a story on the ipad. >> the american academy of pediatrics says parents should read paperback or hardcover books to their kids from birth and they suggest absolutely no screen time for children under the age of 2 and no more than two hours a day for toddlers. interesting. turning to our weather, spencer christian is outside with today's accuweather
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forecast. >> looking forward to halloween, are we? well, you might want to have your rain suit ready. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. certainly not raining right now. there's no hint of rain in the bay area skies at the moment. just sunny conditions with a few wispy high clouds around as you can see clearly from this view from sutro tower looking northward towards the golden gate. we have blue sky right now. forecast features call for clouds increasing tomorrow. we will see rain and showers for halloween but maybe enough of a break for some good trick or treating. slight chance of thunder friday evening, thunderstorms or showers, that would be. here's the pacific satellite image showing current front that's closest to us. it's just another stalled front pushing in a few high clouds but this next system is a colder storm, more vigorous system. that's our rain maker for halloween. let's start the forecast animation 11:00 tomorrow night at which point we might already see a few light spotty showers. during the overnight hours, rain becomes more widespread, more
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intense. we will see wet conditions from north to south, especially across the north bay and down through the golden gate and on to the peninsula. then that front will sweep eastward. by mid-morning we will see wet weather pushing to the east bay, down to the south bay. no doubt the early part of the day friday will be quite wet but look what happens late in the afternoon and into the early evening hours from 5:00 p.m. on. we will get a little bit of a break for awhile. no rain expected then, or showers. that might be a good time, especially for the younger kids, to get in there trick or treating. later in the evening by 9:00 p.m. or so, we will have another area of showers arriving and those showers will continue overnight into saturday, at least part of the day saturday is going to be wet. let's do a little projection of rainfall totals. by saturday morning, we expect the wettest spots to receive anywhere from three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. this is not a clearly defined storm so we can't say precisely where the wettest conditions will be, but pretty good bet it will be higher elevations.
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santa cruz mountains, east bay hills, north bay mountains. speaking of mountains, over in the sierra, we have a winter storm watch in effect from friday morning to saturday evening. we expect four to eight inches of snow above 5,000 feet, significant travel delays are possible. if you're driving out that way, good idea to carry chains along. back to the bay area, overnight, look for mainly clear skies early but with increasing high clouds in the overnight hours. lows will generally be in the low to mid 50s. little cooler in north bay valleys where we will see upper 40s to 50. tomorrow with increasing clouds, we will see high temperatures ranging from upper 60s at the coast to mid 70s around the bay up to near 80 in the warmest inland spots. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. rainy halloween but with that break, i mentioned late afternoon or early evening hours, showers will spill over into saturday. we will get a sunny, dry day on sunday. set your clocks back an hour saturday into sunday as we fall back to standard time. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, a look at what could be the airplane of the future.
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the aircraft of the future could be window-free. this is a mockup of the concept from uk-based center for process innovation. we showed it first on our facebook page. the plane's windows are replaced with floor to ceiling high def screens that show images from cameras mounted outside the plane. the screens can also be used for entertainment like watching movies, surfing the internet or ringing in-flight services. the company says the ultra thin displays will also allow for more space on those planes and save on fuel. the company believes this type of plane could be a reality in ten years. >> interesting. an era defined by new wave music, big hair, shoulder pads, is making waves on the air waves in the abc sitcom the goldbergs. >> stop trying to move people in. >> let's compromise, okay?
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>> the show's creator based it on his own childhood in the '80s, relying a lot on experiences with his brother, sister, father and what he calls his smother. abc 7 news reporter layla gulen chatted about beverly goldberg. >> i love your portrayal of this mother. can you tell me a little more about that? >> well, a smother can be defined as someone who loves her childr so much that she won't back off. all they want to do is push her away and all she wants to do is smother them with her love. >> the show has been so '80s authentic that even layla's mother could relate. >> you actually wore the same exact sweater in one of the episodes. did you raid my mother's closet? >> your mother was an elegant woman who expected the best and was very fashion-forward.
4:27 pm
our brilliant costume designer terry was gifted a big box of beverly goldberg's clothes. the real bev goldberg is a bit of a hoarder and she had saved all her delicious '80s outfits. >> you can catch a new episode tonight at 8:30 on abc 7. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, san francisco's fire chief makes her case to keep her job. the question now is, is the rank and file ready to listen? also, stepping up the effort to quarantine a nurse who treated ebola patients. she's not having any of it. and the torturous fate of residents on hawaii's big island as lava from kilauea volcano inches toward their homes.
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making headlines at 4:30. abc 7 news reporter david louie broke the story two hours ago on twitter about an ebola scare involving a stanford surgeon. david tweeted this here. it says stanford surgeon who treated ebola patients in liberia is under modified quarantine for 21 days. the state has issued new guidelines. david will have a live report on abc 7 news at 5:00. it is all on the line tonight for the giants, looking for their third world series win in five years.
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game seven of course tonight in kansas city. here's the team at batting practice earlier today at kauffman stadium. catch live reports from kansas city on abc 7 news at 5:00. san francisco's fire chief is scrambling for support, meeting this week with her rank and file after union leaders asked the mayor to remove her. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is here with details on today's sit-down. >> well, it was just over a month ago that this feud became public with union leaders demanding a change at the top. now the chief is making personal appeals hoping to keep her job. joanne hayes-white still demands respect as san francisco's fire chief, even as some in her department try to push her out. last month, representatives from every employee group presented mayor lee with a letter citing a grave crisis of confidence in the chief's leadership. today, she held the second of three town halls open to all firefighters.
4:32 pm
is this an effort to try to win back some of that confidence? >> i think it's an effort, there was concern about lack of communication. >> reporter: hayes-white says what she's heard is criticism of her management style and advocating for resources. >> not fighting as hard enough as i can for the budget. i'm not someone that slaps her hand down on the table. i don't think that works, personally. but there's frustration and i think we were able to at least provide a little bit more detail in terms of what the expectation is, where we get our marching orders from city hall. >> reporter: is she convincing you that she should stay? >> no. no, not at this time. no. >> reporter: kevin smith is head of the black firefighters association. he believes the chief has not been a strong voice on issues like the ambulance shortage and an inadequate ems system that has slowed emergency response times. >> these are issues that just didn't pop up. these are things we knew were on the horizon, that were coming.
4:33 pm
we thought nothing was done about it to stop it. >> reporter: the fire commission has power to recommend the chief's dismissal. the five members have now begun the process of evaluating hayes-white's performance, asking her to respond to questions about department goals and how to achieve certain standards. >> i love this department and i don't intend stepping aside unless through the process, i would be respectful of, i certainly would do so. >> one commissioner says they aren't likely to be ready with any recommendation before thanksgiving. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. might see tighter security around federal buildings across the u.s. following last week's terrorist attack on canada's parliament. homeland security calls the move a precautionary step. almost 1.5 million people enter federal buildings every day. officials fear that internet videos from isis and other terrorist groups might inspire lone wolf type attacks here on
4:34 pm
american soil. >> there could be literally thousands potentially of people like them. disenfranchised, lonely, not successful in life, angry. those are the folks, sometimes the hardest to figure out and they are also maybe the hardest to stop. >> canadian officials describe the gunman who killed a soldier in ottawa as a lone wolf, saying his extreme religious beliefs inspired the attack. the gunman died in a shootout with police. the debate over how to respond to those coming home from the front lines of the ebola epidemic is heating up. maine's governor is trying to enforce the quarantine of a nurse who treated ebola patients in africa. kaci hickox has no symptoms and is under voluntary quarantine but she says she no longer plans to cooperate. she claims the quarantine is unreasonable. >> i think we are just only adding to a stigmatization that is not based on science or evidence. >> ebola survivor dr. kent
4:35 pm
brantley and other health care workers met with president obama at the white house this afternoon. >> it is because of the determination and skill and dedication and patriotism of folks like this that i'm confident we will contain and ultimately snuff out this outbreak of ebola. >> also today, the u.s. military confirmed all service members returning from west africa will be isolated for 21 days. the world health organization says the rate of ebola cases in liberia seems to be slowing. experts are still checking the data to make sure it's reliable. red cross teams picked up far fewer bodies in the capital monrovia last week and there are beds open in the city's treatment centers. the w.h.o. says the rate of infection seems to be slowing but that does not mean the epidemic is over. pope francis used his wednesday's audience to call on the international community to make every possible effort to destroy the ebola virus and
4:36 pm
relieve the discomfort and suffering of all those who are being so harshly tested. the pope expressed his concern for the spreading of the disease on the african continent, especially among the most impoverished people. the outbreak in west africa has already killed more than 4,500 people. get updates on the ebola crisis as they happen with our abc 7 news app, free to download on apple's app store or from google play. we also have more information at some of those people living on the big island of hawaii are ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. kilauea volcano's lava flow continues to creep ever closer to homes. abc news reporter emmitt miller with the latest. >> reporter: a slow, excruciating torture. a molten lava flow creeping ever closer to doorsteps in the town of pahoa. residents are 300 yards away from certain destruction. >> it's devastating.
4:37 pm
i'm still hoping it doesn't come to this property. >> reporter: the next knock on her door may mean mandatory evacuation. officials have been going house to house, warning that evacuations could come within hours. this 2,000 degree river of liquid rock began flowing downhill toward pahoa in june on its way to the sea. it traveled 90 yards in the last 24 hours. since then, it swallowed up roadways. set a wooden garden shade blaze on private property. now it appears to be inching into yards. officials say some 50 to 60 structures are immediately threatened in this community of 950 as well as a major road that serves as an escape route. as firefighters try to predict the path of the lava, authorities say there are no plans to try to divert it. sarah williams has packed her animals and plants and is resigning herself to the ic inevitable. >> there's nothing to do about it besides keep your spirits up and help people who you can help. >> reporter: island officials say although accommodations have
4:38 pm
been made to house the evacuees, no one will be forced to evacuate until it becomes too dangerous. emmitt miller, abc news. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, dig this. we will show you the great lengths some thieves went to to pull off a bank job. i'm michael finney. in today's 7 on your side q & a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me right now. i will answer your questions here live a little later. i'm spencer christian looking from the sutro tower cam north, we see a few clouds in the sky right now but make no mistake, halloween rain is on the way. the accuweather forecast in just a moment.
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looks like ocean's 11 here. thieves went to great lengths to steal from a bank. this is an 80 foot tunnel dug underneath a bank in india. police believe the burglary took place over the weekend. bank officials did not notice anything amiss until monday. the tunnel began in a nearby abandoned house and stretched the 80 feet underground to the bank. police say the heist may have taken two days to complete. thieves stole jewelry and money from more than 90 safety deposit boxes. >> wow. crazy. >> takes a lot of work. take a look out the window. you will see what a gorgeous day it is. in fact, it's a perfect day to sit outside and watch the world series, as you see all those folks out there getting ready to do at civic center plaza in san
4:42 pm
francisco. >> sitting room only. maybe some standing room as well. spencer christian is outside with the accuweather update. >> better weather conditions here than in kansas city although it might be more exciting there or maybe not. here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area at this moment with just a few thin wispy high clouds which will increase overnight. nationally tomorrow, across the 48 contiguous states, we will be looking at mainly sunny, dry conditions with a few showers in the great lakes and down into about the mid-mississippi valley and showers again of course in the pacific northwest. nothing new there. across the state of california, we will see an increase in high clouds but there will be lots of filtered sunshine as well. it will be mild to warm in interior sections of the state and here in the bay area after mainly clear skies this evening, we will see high clouds overnight and then increasing clouds throughout the day tomorrow. we may even see a spotty shower or two tomorrow evening in advance of the rain that is expected to come in overnight
4:43 pm
tomorrow night into friday morning, which means we are expecting a wet halloween day. tomorrow will be mild with highs ranging from upper 60s at the coast to upper 70s inland. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. of course, we have no way of knowing the outcome of tonight's game seven of the world series, giants and royals. it is uncertain but when you see these pictures sent to us through yu repoou report, theree thing we know for sure. giants fans have mad love for their team. >> young, old, on four legs or tattooed on the arms. these photos are proof that right now, the whole bay area is giants country. >> those are michael finney's arms. send us your fan photos at still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the colorado man who vanished during a denver broncos football game turns up safe and sound and with quite an excuse about his disappearance. also, motorcyclist to the rescue. we will show you the heroic
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efforts by him and others to rescue a woman trapped inside of her car. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. is it legal for a municipality to make voters pay for postage on ani will have the answer whe come back. roars )rring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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he had his fill of football. that's what this denver broncos fan had to say about his disappearance from thursday night's home game against the san diego chargers. 53-year-old paul kitterman got up from his seat at halftime and never returned. the police launched a major search for him. he was found safe last night in pueblo, colorado, about 130 miles south of denver. he told police he had walked and hitchhiked there and wasn't aware anyone was searching for him. a video of a motorcyclist helping save a woman who was trapped underneath her car has gone viral. he was heading down the freeway near san diego when he came across a car that had flipped over. the woman inside was stuck and panicking. he quickly got a knife and went to work trying to free her from the seat belt.
4:48 pm
>> when she was snared in that seat belt, that was wrapped around her upper body and her suffocating was the one that i thought, because she was panicking, she couldn't get out. >> he says all this was like a blur of adrenaline. he posted the video last year but only had a handful of views until it was picked up by media outlets this week. it now has nearly one million hits. he says the attention has been overwhelming but he hopes people that see this video learn that anybody can help somebody else out. stock in facebook dropped today as mark zuckerberg laid out his vision for the future. the social media giant plans to invest in long term goals to make it even stronger over the next decade. but there was a sell-off when facebook revealed the expenses could increase up to 70%. next year, the company plans to make a series of aggressive ad tech investments. one goal is to have other facebook companies like
4:49 pm
instagram and messenger each connect one billion users. facebook's ipo opened at $38 a share, it now stands at $75. 7 on your side's michael finney here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. our first question, is there anything we as neighbors can do about an empty house. it's not foreclosed. the owners are just keeping it empty. >> this is becoming a big problem throughout the bay area, not just houses, commercial properties, too. you go through downtowns and they are booming but there's empty spots. you say what's going on. here's what's happening. land is so cheap, property is so cheap here in america, a lot of foreign buyers are buying it and want to keep it empty. it's just like money in the bank. they are waiting to sell it at a later time. so with that, you would think there would be some laws but there are no laws about this whatsoever. there is no law that says you have to have somebody in or not. however, most cities and counties have laws about the upkeep of property. so they are not allowed to let it fall in on itself.
4:50 pm
you can call the county or your local municipality and complain and say nobody's here. tell you something else you really need to be careful of squatters who might end up in there. it's a big problem for your neighborhood. you have to keep track. >> and i bought a whale watching tour voucher from a deal company that is in bankruptcy. what can i do? >> well, if it's in bankruptcy -- are they still in business? if they are still in business you're probably cool no matter what. even if they are in bankruptcy, the whale watching company probably already knows that you are on their list so you should call them, set up a day. if they can't do that, if it's been within 60 days, call your credit card company, even if it's not within 60 days, call and see if they will take care of you. the final thing is you get in line with everybody else in the bankruptcy and you're not going to get anything. >> and a twitter user tweeted absentee voters must pay for postage. is this legal? >> yes. not all areas do it that way. but in the state of california,
4:51 pm
they do not have postage on it so in the world we live in, they don't. here's what's interesting. if you forget to stamp it, the postal service has a law that says they will deliver it anyway. because it's more important -- i would never see it that way. the problem is, mail carriers are under such pressure not to lose a dime that they may not remember that law. i would stamp it and send it. >> make sure it gets through. thank you, michael. up next, a sneak peek of the new b.a.r.t. service to oakland international airport including how much that ride will cost you. i'm cheryl jennings in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 5:00, if you can't find true love it may be more than just frustrating. why the government is shooting arrows at the world of online dating. the plane that could one day be fueled up at your neighborhood gas station.
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tonight on abc 7, the middle airs at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs, modern family and blackish. after that, nashville at 10:00 and abc news at 11:00. a reminder to use watch abc to catch all those shows live on the go with your smartphone, tablet or computer. visit watch for details. you can download the free app by searching watch abc in your app store. it's been talked about for nearly 40 years, an extension from the coliseum b.a.r.t. station to the oakland airport. now the three-mile stretch is nearly complete and ready for its debut perhaps as soon as thanksgiving. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from the oakland airport. >> reporter: i think you can see one of these test trains behind me. we have been watching them come and go all afternoon, about every three or four minutes. once the system is up and running, those trains will run every five minutes from the airport here to the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. it's kind of an eerie sight today because there is nobody in any of these trains, but that will change in a few weeks.
4:56 pm
still in the test phase, the new b.a.r.t. to the oakland airport trains are almost ready for their public unveiling. same goes for the signage, the escalators and the lights at the new station. the cars are streamlined. they run on rails that also have rubber tires. there are few seats and lots of room for luggage but no operate or as everything will be controlled remotely. >> we are just in final testing. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s molly mcarthur says the hope is to roll out the new system before the thanksgiving holiday, when rides to the airport will be in peak demand. >> i think we would all love to see it before the end of the month. we would certainly like to get in before the holidays but safety first. >> reporter: once the extension gets the green light, those who choose to take the train from the coliseum b.a.r.t. station will walk up a ramp or take an escalator to a new station that's open and airy. there is also colorful artwork etched into the glass. >> things are moving along as planned. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s board
4:57 pm
member robert rayburn is pleased with what he sees now but is worried through the years about whether the $484 million cost will be worth it in the long run. after all, in 2002, the b.a.r.t. board approved a project that was estimated then to cost just $232 million. >> i didn't approve the service that b.a.r.t. had to go into on this project but i have worked to make sure that the project is delivered. >> reporter: the fare for the b.a.r.t. to oakland extension will be $6, twice the amount riders now pay on the existing air b.a.r.t. bus service. laura anthony, abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and cheryl. ebola crackdown, where a stanford surgeon is sequestered and the state's new quarantine for travelers, next.
4:58 pm
plus, burgled in the east bay. where are the bicycles? and after a night of orange and black and blue -- >> we expect a close game. >> you're ready? >> yes. >> the giants are ready to play. we are live at kansas city with all the pregame action. great weather for the game. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. october is going out on a wet note. details on your halloween storm coming up. essentially 21 days incubation for our men and women who would be returning from west africa. >> a quarantine is ordered for u.s. troops to make sure they do not have ebola. same day california issues its own quarantine. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. one of those now under modified quarantine on the peninsula, a stanford surgeon who recently traveled to liberia. this is a story abc 7 news
4:59 pm
reporter david louie broke on twitter at 2:40 this afternoon. david is live tonight at the santa clara county health department in san jose with more on the story. david? >> reporter: well, the stanford doctor has been identified as a 43-year-old san mateo county resident and a frequent volunteer with medical missions overseas. while the state didn't issue its mandatory quarantine for ebola treatments until today, it appears this case is being treated with some latitude by local health officers. no federal or state quarantine orders existed when dr. bucks returned to the bay area last friday. an emergency department surgeon, he spent just over a month treating ebola patients in liberia. local health officials consulted with state and federal health officers to put him under a modified quarantine as a health care provider under some risk. he must stay away from work and away from others. however, he has been given permission to go jogging by himself. he must take his temperature
5:00 pm
twice daily and report in to county health officials. this is video of the doctor from a story we did in january after he returned from the philippines on a medical mission after the typhoon. he has also volunteered his time in haiti. in liberia, he was working with a nonprofit group international medical corps. county health officers will have latitude to impose the quarantine orders on a case by case basis. dr. sarah cody is the health officer in santa clara county. >> it sets a floor and sort of a holding legal order for someone until the local health department can interview the traveler, really understand the exposures and understanding any restrictions that might need to be put in place. >> reporter: this doctor is preparing to leave for west africa to treat ebola patients. he is affiliated with ucsf and the uc berkeley school of public health. he was planning to impose a 21 day quarantine on himself upon his return, even before the state mandate was issued. that means isolation from his 2-year-old daughter and wife.


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